Marvel- Iron Man 3. No.68. (2003) Manhunt 4/5. – 418.

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Marvel Comics
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Pepper gives Stretch a device that can remotely shut down the Iron Man armor, originally intended to be given to the Avengers in case Tony or the armor was ever taken over (which happens every now and then). Iron Man tries to interrogate Temugin’s man, only for a remote explosive to be triggered that kills him. Tony then makes contact with another of his associates, who is upset with Temugin for various reasons, but Tony isn’t about to pay him. Meanwhile, Happy comes out of his coma. Using the information he’s gathered and a bit of detective work Iron Man tracks down Temugin, but if Tony’s injuries weren’t bad enough against a guy who could defeat him without the armor Temugin seems to have finally accepted the Mandarin’s rings…and the call to end Tony’s life.




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