Titan Books – Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere (TPB 2005)

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Titan Books
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Richard Mayhew is an ordinary young man, employed at an ordinary king of job having a perfectly ordinary day.
Until he does on extraordinary thing. He stops to aid a mysterious young woman lying injured on a London street. Because of that single act, his life will never be ordinary again.
The young woman, known as Door, comes from London Below, a fantastic and dangerous metropolis lying beneath London’s streets, unnoticed by the ordinary city above. When she draws Richard into this bizarre, dark wonderland, he discovers that on one in London Above remembers him. It’s as if he never existed.
Now Richard must stay one step ahead of the savage hit men Croup and Vandemar, cross the dreaded Night’s Bridge, survive a ritualized ordeal that threatens his very sanity and do battle with the hideous Beast of London – all to get his old life back.
The key is an angel known as Islington, and the secret he has kept hidden at the bottom of Down Street for uncounted years – a secret which could mean disaster for Richard, Door and all of London Below.
Adapting the novel by New York Times best-selling author and creator of THE SANDMAN Neil Gaiman, the award-winning creative team of writer Mike Carey and artist Glenn Fabry bring a brilliant new vision of NEVERWHERE to life in this mesmerizing graphic novel.

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Titan Books


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