Gestalt 4. (deutsch manga)

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Egmont Manga&Anime
Formátum: puhaborítós
Oldalszám: 200

R to L (Japanese Style).
The quest for a man’s soul, the battle for his heart, the war for a world.
Olivier continues his roundabout trek to G, accompanied by Suzu and Sakata. Along the way they meet an old man who offers to aid Olivier in exchange for tutoring his daughter Roxanne. The girl turns out to be much more than she seems, with hidden powers and a history with Ouri as well. With all the various plots starting to come together, Olivier and his friends head back to Salsaroa for some answers–but the real game is just beginning! In the legendary past the gods battled for supremacy and cast out the demon god whose name cannot be spoken. Banished to Earth, the demon found refuge on the mysterious and dangerous island known only as “G.”


Egmont Manga&Anime



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